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Crowns and Bridges

Dental Bridges (Ceramic and Zirconia)

Dental bridges that are made of ceramic or zirconia are considered high-quality bridges. They are stronger, durable and visually appealing, compared to other types of bridges. This is often preferred over metal ceramic bridges because they cause less tooth sensitivity and they don’t cause the dreaded grey line around the edge of the gums, which often puts off patients from wearing dental bridge.

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Dental bridges are dental restorations that can repair damaged teeth and replace missing teeth, which improves dental functionality and appearance. A dental bridge will hold your other teeth in place and make everyday activities such as eating and talking easier. It is the best option if the surrounding teeth have large fillings and need crowns or caps in the future.

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Importance of a Dental Bridge

A missing tooth is a serious matter that can impact the way you eat, talk and overall quality of life. Dental bridge is an dental restoration that fills the gap where the tooth is missing. When you have a missing tooth, the nearby teeth may shift into the empty space, creating spaces between the other teeth. Missing teeth also cause the jaws to shift up or down, affecting your bite and putting stress on your teeth and jaw joints and cause pain. Also, when you have a missing tooth, this can cause bone loss and alter the way the jawbone supports the remaining teeth, gums, lips and cheeks.

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Advantages of Zirconia or Ceramic Dental Bridge

At Port Jefferson Smiles, we choose zirconia and ceramic for our dental bridges as they provide excellent dental restorations. Ceramic or zirconia dental bridges are strong and beautifully blend with the rest of your teeth. Below are some of the other benefits:

  • Restores mouth function and make everyday activities, such as eating and talking easier
  • Bridge made of zirconia is highly biocompatible, which means that it helps promotes healthy tissue response and will not cause any ill effects or allergic reaction
  • Smooth surface of ceramic and zirconia helps reduce accumulation of plaque
  • Extremely durable and fractures or chipping are rare
  • Ideal for patients with allergies to metal or those who prefer metal-free restorations
  • Metal-free and prevents darkening around the gum area, eliminating the possibility of exposing the metals cause by gum recession

crowns and bridges

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crowns and bridges

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At Port Jefferson Smiles, we offer ceramic and state-of-the-art zirconium dental bridges created with 3D technology. Your dentist will recommend the best bridge options for you. Call us today at (631) 928-1300 or fill out our Appointment Request for to schedule a consultation.

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