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More than 200 leading international dentists attended the Global CAD/CAM KOL Summit 2020 in Berlin. You’ll see a familar face speaking with the interviewer.

Nano Ceramic Cadcam Block Dual Cure Resin Cement Prove to be Effective Restorative Combination

GC’s CERASMART®, G-CEM LinkForce®: A First-Rate CAD/CAM Restorative Combination

Karyn M. Halpern

Quick Thinking and Digital Technology Save Traumatized Teeth

Karyn M. Halpern


The Forgotten One: The CEREC® Inlay

Treatment with Nanohybrid Ceramic Blocks in a Single Appointment

Karyn M. Halpern

Perfect Your Smile

Karyn M. Halpern


Lisi Press monolithic crowns

Karyn M. Halpern and Bill Marais

Recreating Nature: Righting the Wrongs of Iatrogenic Dentistry

Karyn M. Halpern

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